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No Limit Ninja Yonkers offers diverse programs catering to all levels of obstacle course training.  Elevate your child's skills through exciting classes, action-packed camps, group or private training and more.  



No Limit Ninja Yonkers classes offer high-energy, skill-building obstacle course training for all ages and skill levels. Boost agility, strength, and confidence through dynamic obstacle courses and expert coaching. Unleash your inner ninja with a fun and challenging fitness experience!


Our dynamic programs provide half-day and full-day options during school breaks and summer months, offering an exciting blend of fun and skill-building.  Join us for an empowering journey of growth and excitement!"



No Limit Ninja Yonkers' Scouts Program offers a unique field trip experience for both Boys and Girl Scout troops, featuring 2hrs of coach ninja obstacle challenges, mini-games, competitions, and earn patches for sashes.  Email to schedule a date for your troupe. 


No Limit Ninja Yonkers' offers training programs for kids aged 6 and up, with specialized Elite Teams grouped for ages 6-13 and 14+. Our comprehensive curriculum is offered in group sessions or private training, cultivating skills for World Ninja League tournaments. Accelerate your child's obstacle course journey with our expert coaching and personalized guidance.  To inquire about private training, email

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