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No Limit Ninja is a premier fitness and training facility located in Yonkers, NY, dedicated to transforming individuals into elite Ninja warriors. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, expert coaching, and a supportive community for aspiring ninjas of all ages and skill levels. 


Position Overview:

No Limit Ninja is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with a passion for sports and fitness, particularly in the realm of American Ninja Warrior, to join their team as Ninja Warrior Coaches. The role involves leading engaging training sessions focused on strength, agility, balance, and technique for individuals and groups. Coaches will provide personalized coaching and feedback, ensuring participants' safety by enforcing proper techniques and equipment usage. Motivating members to overcome obstacles and achieve their fitness goals, assisting in events and competitions, and maintaining training equipment are essential responsibilities.

Ideal candidates possess a strong background in sports, fitness, or personal training, along with a knowledge of American Ninja Warrior and obstacle course training. Excellent communication skills, safety consciousness, and adaptability to various fitness levels are crucial. No Limit Ninja values diversity and inclusivity, creating an empowering environment for employees and participants alike.

Starting Hourly Salary $20 + tips; Salary negotiable based on experience.

To apply, interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes through the online application below.  You have the option to copy and paste your resume or upload the file.  No Limit Ninja is an equal-opportunity employer, inviting individuals who are passionate about inspiring others and contributing to a supportive community to join their team.


Upload Resume

Thank you for your interest in working with No Limit Ninja Yonkers!

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